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AED’s line of Tru-Vu® laparoscopes offer you bright, sharp HD images throughout the field of view. Our instruments are easy and convenient to use due to their high-tech and lightweight construction. Each instrument is ergonomically designed and effortless to operate. Our Speedlock® brand instruments are modular and also contain a cleaning port, which allows for easy and time-saving reprocessing. Speedlock® forcep jaws are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, which makes them harder and better resistant against torque, tension, and corrosion.

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Speedlock Fenestrated Clamp Composite Ratchet Handle Laparoscopy Advanced Endoscopy Devices
Speedlock Fenestrated Clamp Composite Ratchet Handle Laparoscopy Advanced Endoscopy Devices


Our full line of arthroscopes are crafted from the finest German stainless steel. The rod lens system is state of the art and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. The wide angle lenses are available with field of views from 70° to 125°. AED’s arthroscopes also contain multiple adaptors on the light post that can be used with various manufactured fiber-optic light cables. Also available are arthroscopes with factory installed mounts to accommodate different manufactured sheaths. Our Arthro-Pro® instruments are uniquely designed and autoclavable which enables user convenience and avoids repairs from accidental autoclaving.

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General Surgery

AED’s Gold Series general surgery instruments are made of special stainless steel from Germany which makes them more resistant to torque, tension, and corrosion. Our wire and pin cutters are manufactured with tungsten carbide inserts for cutting hard wires. AED’s popular Kwik Kleen Kerrison® is modularly designed to be fully cleaned which eliminates the build-up of bone, tissue, and bio-burden that can cause sticking or non-performance.

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Spine Pro Bayonet Kerrison Kwik Kleen Kerrison General Surgery Advanced Endoscopy Devices
Hysteroscope Hysteroscopy Advanced Endoscopy Devices


AED’s Tru-Vu® hysteroscopes contain a state of the art compact objective system. Its lightweight construction makes it easy and convenient to use. They also contain a wide aperture fiber-optics light transmission. Our hysteroscopes offer you bright and sharp images throughout the field of view. The rod lens system is of the highest quality and is manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. Our Tru-Vu® Mini Hysteroscopes have a continuous flow system and a tear drop design for easy passage. It’s also compatible with the Essure® procedure.

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Our sinuscopy products contain a reduced glare feature in order to prevent inadvertent reflections. Our sinuscopes’ compact objective system is state of the art and because of its lightweight construction, it’s easy and convenient to use. They also contain a wide aperture fiber-optic light transmission and the field of view provides you with bright and sharp images. AED’s sinuscopy forceps are available in a multitude of jaw patterns and offer the surgeon a variety of choices for surgery.

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Laryngoscope Sinuscope Sinus Advanced Endoscopy Devices
Laryngoscope Sinuscope Sinus Advanced Endoscopy Devices


AED’s urology instruments are state of the art in design and craftsmanship. They are autoclavable which makes them easy to use and avoid repairs from accidental autoclaving. AED’s line of Tru-Vu® Laser Cystoscopes provide you with unparalleled images thanks to their wide field of view and the sharpest edge-to-edge images in the industry. AED’s scopes are available for Storz, ACMI, Richard Wolf, and Olympus instrumentation which allows you to get high quality images consistently at an economical price. The light posts are adaptable to any major manufacturer’s fiber-optic cable. A new 15.5FR cystoscope is also available with a 5FR channel for office use.

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Advanced Endoscopy Devices offers a broad range of single chip and three chip video systems. We carry the highest quality of certified pre-owned products from such manufacturers like Stryker, Olympus, Storz, and Linvatec. We have built our success on ­providing total customer satisfaction with quality, prices, and service. With AED, savings on CPO video systems can be between 40% to 80% from the cost of new systems. We carry cameras, LED and Xenon light sources, fiber-optic cables, insufflators, monitors, video printers, and carts. We also service every product we sell and provide great savings when compared to other companies. Whether you need a camera or just a cable replacement on a camera head, AED is here to meet your needs.

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